Sisters Who Aren’t Sisters Stick Together

I’ve tried to find the words for 2 weeks now since Taylor has passed. I wanted to tell you something, I wasn’t sure what. I’ve now had several opportunities to speak with you face to face and I apologize that I was a coward. In my mind there’s nothing I could say to you, one big sister to another, that would alleviate your pain. I wanted so bad to comfort you and was unsure how, being our only link was Taylor. Then it dawned on me that was all I needed.

Taylor was what every sister hoped her brother would find in a friend. He not only was a friend to both my brothers, but a brother. He was there good, bad, or indifferent; always. He challenged their thoughts, made them more aware, and gave them so much laughter. He was a constant. He was loyal almost to a fault. He was a true, genuine friend.

Then Chase came along. Uncle K would watch Chase quite a bit for me when I was working and going to school. Taylor, usually being around, became like an Uncle to Chase. They spent a lot of time together. When he was about 2 ½ he used to scream a phrase over and over, none of us had any idea what he was saying and couldn’t figure it out at all. I remember Taylor videoing him and told me he was going to ask him at his graduation.

I know you’re starting your own family and I just want to tell you I know he would’ve been the best, funniest uncle. Your children would have looked up at him adoringly just like Chase did. His eyes gleaming at the chance to go outside to kick the soccer ball around, to picking him up and throwing him in the air just to hear him squeal, & to giving him Cheetos even though mom said no.

I’m so grateful he was a part of our lives. Thank you for sharing him with us — So from one big sister to another, I hope my son will find a friend just like your brother one day. I hope my son and your future children feel the way those boys do about each other. The love they all share & the unbroken bond, the security, the admiration, & the place where you can absolutely be you. This is what I wish for our children to find a Taylor. I hope they will know what it’s like to choose your best friend and brother on this journey of life.



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