Hello Darkness, My Old Friend…

I just needed you to listen, to learn, and absorb the words into your being. You are more than what you could even imagine, you always have been. There is a light in you that shines, it shines so bright and attracts other bright lights. Your bright light also attracts those who are dark and need the light in their life.

You can imagine the darkness as if you’re floating through this life in a nighttime dream with no headlights. So when you encounter a brighter light, you piggyback off of them.

The darkness not only uses your light, but your energy and your soul. It clings to the light as if it’s a life source—for them it’s the only source of life. For you it’s a heavy burden, one that’s been misconstrued as your own.

I watched as your life slowly began to fade from your mood, it slowly disappeared from your face, and eventually began crushing your soul. Your very being was altered and suffocating.

One day, in a lucid moment of your misery, you had absolute clarity. You knew what needed to be done for you to live and to thrive. You took that burden and placed it at the rightful owner. You were able to free yourself, let your soul breathe, and accepted the growth to come in whatever form.

Growth in yourself is the happiest, most painful experience. You got caught up in the happy and painful. Not realizing it doesn’t have to be one or the other, in fact, it doesn’t need to be either.

I saw the love in your eyes for yourself as you readied yourself for the day. I watched your sadness fade away with the hope of a new day and new experiences. Your light shining bright, with a new glow of joy and serenity, as you marveled at the way the universe worked in your favor.

The thing is you are like me and I am like you. Our light shines and we want to share it with the world. We want to help, heal, and comfort anyone we can, especially those prone to the darkness. It’s like an aggressive disease. It attacks our weakness of being a nurturer and feeds off of the strong heart that beats in our chest.

One thing is for sure you will repeat a lesson as many times as it takes to learn it, the universe is a persistent teacher in that way. Unless your light grows and matures it stays in one place, stagnant, repeating the same old worn out bad habits.

That’s why I needed you to hear and absorb. Not for me, but for you to save yourself from self-inflicted misery in a moment of weakness.

So when the darkness started creeping towards you again, I watched and I waited. I was not ready for it to engulf your light again. I knew this time you’d have to save your own self. That’s why you are like me, I just am not like you.



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