I Will Do The Same For You

That thing I couldn’t tell you about was me—who I really am with you. The real me who doesn’t want our love confined by imaginary ideals of what should or shouldn’t be.

I won’t let our love be smothered by non-organic motions, everything between us I want to flow freely.

I don’t want to shackle you to me, I want you to have your own adventures and your own loves that don’t include me. I would never be so foolish as to place a sense of ownership over you; I’d surely lose you then.

We’ve removed these superficial expectations from our lives and have seen this relationship blossom in very unexpected ways. We’re creating a world for us that is free and full of love, leaving the negative emotions when we enter this space.

The real me wants you and doesn’t need you at the very same time. I need you to hold my hand some days, but I want you to let me figure it out alone. Let me fail, let me triumph—support me in either.

Love me without conditions, expectations, restrictions, or judgement. Don’t mislead me, instead open up a pathless world for us to explore.

When we have the opportunity to be together, please be with me– Look at me, feel me, hear me, but most of all just be right in the moment.

Love me knowing we may not be together forever; I will do the same for you.

Our love is so sacred and transcends this physical world in a way that is magical, in a way that we’ve loved before in a thousand other lifetimes. Always finding each other no matter the life that’s been chosen, the obstacles, or the defeats.

I think it was the time that really struck us, it’s as if we’d been together forever in one moment.

That’s why I couldn’t share myself wholly at first; I had to unfold myself in layers to reveal absolute truths.

The real me is, and always is, me right at the present moment.


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